Prague | 10 Things at Random

Often when I go to a city, it is the random little things that stick in my memory the most, and Prague was definitely a city which lent itself well to this.  Here are a few random fun things we did in Prague, at no cost:

1. Imitate the many sculptures around Old Town:






2. Look for other unusual sculptures:








3. Find cool art in the street:


4. Visit a puppet shop:

5. Find some rainbows:

6. Find the street signs, and try to descipher what some of them mean:

7. Enjoy public events:

8. Watch the sunset, check out artists, and have a medieval sword fight on Charles Bridge:





9. Sit on a bizarre speed bump, and be impressed with the detail of a sewer grate:

10. Get tattooed or pierced:

Okay, so that costs money, but…tattooing a tattoo artist does not:




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