My Travel Writing Scholarship 2011 Entry for Rough Guides

“Simple Pleasures

Delfina’s face wore wrinkles of laborious survival, as weathered as the textured wood surface in front of me. In a sea of tables, tarps, and tin, her crudely built stand is one of few that could be locked in this open market, a symbol of her prosperity. Rocking back and forth on the floorboards, uneven and rough under my stool, I watched as she prepared her specialty. The grain of the rustic table was sticky under my fingers, not unlike everything else in this space, probably the reason a colony of bees seemed to linger; brushed away without a thought, they move just long enough for sweet juice to flow from spigot to cup, before returning to their feeding frenzy…”

To view the rest of this story please see my journal entry on World Nomads:



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emyil March 30, 2011 at 1:39 am

good job!
they closed the competition early, i was about to submit mine, but they already clsed march 28. darn. crammer me! hahahah..good luck!


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