Welcome to the New Look

Tova Raykin, web designer extraordinaire, has done it again.  It’s been almost a year since I got the initial vintage postcard idea, and seeing the site evolve into what it is with Tova’s help has been an exciting process.

My old look was just a regular old wordpress.com template with no individuality or character – and I feel like my background image was pretty distracting.  There was no motion, and no compelling composition.  Now, I’ve got a personalized theme that really fits me well.

dots old look (4) dots old look (2) dots old look (3)

The header image is the same, but is transformed to something more appealing with Tova’s touch.  The home page displays each post as a postcard, with the stamp reflecting the main category that it is posted in.  Each stamp is color-coded to match the dropdown menu reflecting that category.  Once you’ve gone further into a post, the postcard becomes more of a letter style.  When searching, posts are listed as though written on a blackboard.  I’ve re-written my about page, contacting me is easier, and advertising space is now available.

dots old look (6) dots old look (1)

What I love most about working with Tova is that she really listens to what you want, builds what you need in an organized manner, and puts a really creative and well composed touch to your ideas to make them appealing.

You can find Tova’s portfolio and contact info at: http://www.tovaraykin.com



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