La Choza de Oscar – Puno, Peru

Peru - Kat5 015 Rotisserie chicken at it’s finest, La Choza de Oscar is the local’s spot for sure – Suggested by the Monterrey Hotel, I don’t think my nose could’ve lead me to a better eatery for Peru’s famous pollo a la brassa.

There are two delineated seating spaces within the restaurant – one larger main space in the front; and a smaller, more intimate space in the back of the restaurant.  From the larger of these rooms (tourists seating) there is a view of the rotisserie with glistening chickens spinning tempestuously; in the back, local regular patrons sit close to the kitchen to enjoy conversation with the staff.

Peru - Kat5 004

As the birds come glistening out of the rotisserie, they are pushed off of the large skewers and into a thermos cooler with a repetitive thud, thud, thud that entices the senses with an almost film-like affect (as if the smell of it wasn’t enough).  The bird was seasoned to perfection, and the spiced crispy skin was infused also with flavor from the wood-coals below.  The meat, cooked perfectly, was insanely juicy and might be the best rotisserie chicken I’ve had in my life actually.

Peru - Kat5 007While we came for the rotisserie, we had to try other eats as well (especially being that there were some interesting menu items I hadn’t seen elsewhere); and La Choza de Oscar did not disappoint on any dish tasted.

The tomato soup, smooth and creamy, was unlike any other soup we had tried in Peru – and comparable to our favorite tomato soup in the world (Avra in Santorini, Greece) – the delicate, handmade, wonton-shaped raviolis being the perfect addition to the recipe.

Peru - Kat5 013Roasted wild river duck, presented as a tower with herbed mashed potatoes and pineapple, topped with flowers and crunchy potato strings, was impressively dressed with a sauce who’s pink looked curiously beet-like,
but who’s flavor eluded me.  The beauty of this saturated color in the dark glistening meat was almost unreal – but delicious as it was I cared not about spoiling this edible piece of art.

Had I been in Puno for longer, I would have probably returned to La Choza de Oscar more than once – to try all the other wonderful and tantalizing items I couldn’t enjoy on this visit – and hope to return to the small city one day to have the chance to do so.

La Choza de Oscar
Jr. Libertad 354
(051) 351 199



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