Hostal Monterrey – Puno, Peru

Hostal Monterrey

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Priced like most hostels in the country, Hostal Monterrey is a cost effective option while traveling in Peru.  It would’ve been the first place on my list based off of the Lonely Planet guide I had with me – however due to our late night bus ride putting us in Puno at 4 am, we ended up in crustyville hotel first (for what would turn out to be a 4 hour nap it was so gross).

When we had rested from the bus ride, Damany and I walked out of crustyville, and found our way onto the main walking street in the center of Puno to find some breakfast and a new place to stay.  I looked in the guidebook and found Hostal Monterrey’s address – it was conveniently right across the street from Incabar (where we had stopped to eat).

At this point we wanted to see the room before making a decision – based off our last napping spot we wanted to be sure the room was worth bringing our luggage into.  As we walked through the halls it became apparent that this was a much cleaner institution than the last – even the shared bathrooms here looked better than decent.  We had clean linens and walls, clean towels, a toilet seat, a real bathtub (that did not leak all over the floor), and a space heater that worked.  While I might not be generally highly impressed by these basics – after the last place, these were the elements that made up heaven.  The room also featured more luxurious things, like a TV that had a fair amount of channels to choose from, a spacious closet, and a large window (it opened into the airy courtyard, but at least it existed and opened).  Free wi-fi was available also, but only worked in the front lobby.

Hostal Monterrey Hostal Monterrey

Monterrey’s location is great for tourists – on a walking street lined with shops, restaurants and bars just off the Plaza de Armas, with my ultimate favorite bar (Amaru) just next door.  If you’re into Peru’s famous pollo alla brassa (rotisserie chicken), La Choza de Oscar (located just around the corner) should not be missed (Monterrey’s staff will vouch for their quality).  The hotel provides tour services as well to the many attractions in the area including The Floating Islands and Isla Taquile on Lake Titicaca – making everything you’ll want to do in Puno convenient and easy.

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map - monterrey
Hostal Monterrey

Lima 441 (pedestrian street)
*off of Carlos Urbina
Puno, Peru

tel: +51 (51) 351 691



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Clayton Burne December 13, 2012 at 8:03 pm

Thanks for the detailed info. I was getting a little concerned with the duff reports on Trip Advisor. Then again, my needs are fairly basic – your description adequately covers the bits and pieces that concern me.


Katrina December 13, 2012 at 9:58 pm

I’m actually surprised about those reviews. I was REALLY happy with Monterrey, it sure made my day after checking out of the worst hostel ever (I mean crust on the walls, a hole that lets water from shower onto bath floor, etc..). Here’s a link to a photo of the shared bath at Monterrey on my flickr account: – going right you’ll see more of it…going left more of the rest of the hostel. To me, that’s a fairly clean shared bathroom, which is indicative of how the shared rooms would look.


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