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Peru - Kat3 195 For those curious about carpets, weaving cultures, and their histories a joint effort between Rare Beautiful Things and NW Rugs has birthed a new hashtag, #loveofrugs.  The idea behind #loveofrugs is that it allows customers, rug enthusiasts, collectors, history buffs, researchers, appraisers, designers, dealers, manufacturers, and the generally curious to take advantage of the vast matrix of information pertaining to the world of carpets.

When to use #lovofrugs

#loveofrugs can be used by carpet dealers or lovers to share beautiful carpets and weavings – remembering that rugs are pieces of art for your floor.

If you are interested in the connection between the history of woven arts and their respective cultures, #loveofrugs can be a helpful learning tool. Maybe you have a suggestion about a good book or film on carpets, their histories, or the cultures that create them.  #loveofrugs can be used to share or search for these resources.

If you are looking to sell an antique rug that you own, or are curious about one that has been in your family.  Whether you want to sell it, or just gain some knowledge on where it originates or how old it could be, #loveofrugs can connect you to the experts.

Use #loveofrugs to search out viable carpet options for your interior design projects.  #loveofrugs aids in reaching out to carpet dealers to help you search for the perfect fit.  You can throw out a request to vendors by specifying the size, colors, and type you are looking for, reaching multiple dealers in one shot.

You might be curious about the different methods of knotting or weaving a carpet, or have questions about the many materials carpets can be made with – how they are collected, where they originate, the process of spinning, what makes wool different from one place to the next, etc.  Perhaps you are interested in the differences between natural and chemical dyes, or want to know more about the dying process.  #loveofrugs can be used to find answers to these questions.

#loveofrugs can also be used to access tips from others on the rug buying process.  Learn how to haggle, find out what you might need to know before buying a rug overseas, get advice on things to look out for when purchasing an antique rug, share stories of your experiences, and suggest great vendors to work using #loveofrugs.

Do a search for #loveofrugs, and join the conversation today!



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