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I realize not everyone is this way, but when I don’t put my face on in the morning I look scary, as in really scary.  So, I NEVER travel anywhere without makeup – and I do mean anywhere.

Mary Kay Cosmetics

From the classy streets of Vienna, to the strenuous steps leading to Dead Woman’s Pass (yes, I even hiked the Inca Trail putting makeup on every morning) putting a face on is a must.  The reason for wanting makeup while hiking really has less to do with how I look while trekking, and more to do with wanting to look human in all of my photos.  It’s a limited set that treks with me, but Mary Kay Cosmetics surely makes traveling with makeup necessities far easier than your average brand.

Katrina-Mauro Inca Trail - Day 2 morning

The Compact:

Mary Kay introduced the new compact a few years ago, running their first ever TV commercials to advertise the new genius item (helping to boost the sales of Mary Kay agents around the globe).  The basic concept of the compact is that the modular parts that fill each are fully customizable to the individual using it.  No longer are you stuck with the gold eyeshadow because it came in the set with the other colors you wanted.  The compact itself has a magnetic section which the makeup components stick to (and a small flip button pushes the parts out of the space when a change is needed).  The secondary non-magnetic space in the tool is meant to hold applicators.

So, how does this benefit the savvy traveler?  By saving precious space in your bag, of course!

Being that I am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, I have the benefit of owning all of the compact types – and therefore get to share with you the benefits of each and how I have used them for travel.

Mary Kay CosmeticsThe Mary Kay® Compact:

The Regular Compact can be arranged in a few ways.  My personal favorite arrangement holds 3 shadows and one blush with one lip gloss; but it can also fit one creme foundation or powder, or one highlighter and one bronzer.  I have always thought that it seems clear that the entire inner space of the compact should be magnetic (with the applicators attaching to it as well if necessary) giving the user an option to utilize more of the space for more makeup should they so choose.  I have sort of modified my own compact with flat stick on magnets (I’ve used tape before too), so that I can fit two more shadows plus my highlighter powder.  This is an obvious alteration for me, as I use full sized brushes instead of the small applicators which are made to fit inside.  My ideal compact would have room for both a highlighter and a bronzer in that extra space, but this allows me to travel with two sets of shadow colors – neutral and girly.

Mary Kay CosmeticsThe Mary Kay® Compact Mini:

Obviously, this is the most logical choice for a powder or creme foundation – though it would fit a bronzer/highlighter combo as well – I use the Mini Compact when I’m going to be roughing it, or when I’m using only a carry on to travel with and am avoiding using tubes of liquid foundation.  The space for applicators in the Compact Mini is found underneath the cosmetic component portion, and does not contain room for a lipstick or gloss.

Mary Kay CosmeticsThe Mary Kay® Compact Pro:

The Compact Pro is the largest version of the Mary Kay compact, and I use it as the main home for all of my favorite items.  The Pro holds 2 lipsticks or glosses and a large combination of shadows, blushes, bronzers or highlighters, powders or creme foundations, liners or brow pencils, as well as brushes and applicators.  While not ideal for traveling with, the Pro compact makes organizing your favorite cosmetic items easy.

MK Compact Components

Mary Kay Cosmetics Mary Kay Cosmetics

The components for Mary Kay® compacts are all made to fit modularly within the magnetic spaces provided.  Available parts for the compact set can be found on my Mary Kay website, under their respective categories:


MK Compact Applicators

Mary Kay Cosmetics

To view all Mary Kay® Compacts and components please see my Mary Kay website.  All items discussed here can be found in the makeup section under Compacts and Applicators.

MK Roll Up Makeup Case

Mary Kay Cosmetics Mary Kay Cosmetics

The roll up case (and brush collection) is my home for all things makeup necessity weather I’m traveling or not.  While traveling, if I stick to just the compacts (no liquids), my eyelash curler, and the brushes in the set (I prefer these to the compact applicators), the whole set is very small and light.  I tend to also travel with my loose powder,  my concealer, and some other liquids (like eye primer) – which still is not so large as many a makeup bag I’ve seen.

As I’ve mentioned, I too am a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant (on the way side of everything else I do), so should you need help organizing your travel face, don’t hesitate to contact me – request a catalog if you’d like to see what’s available.  You may also use my Mary Kay website to view current products and place orders.  If you need to find a Mary Kay Agent in your area, that can be done via Mary Kay Cosmetics general website – of course ordering through me means you’re supporting a fellow traveler (and brings good travel face karma).

The direct link to my Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant website is as follows:



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