Imperial Inn Hostal en Miraflores – Lima, Peru

Imperial Inn Hostal In search of a room close to the Jockey Club del Peru Convention Center for the Lima gift show, what I found was that there were basically no rooms close by.  So, I did what any young solo female traveler in their right mind would do…I looked for a hostel in popular Miraflores.

Miraflores is the district in which many backpackers and young people stay because of it’s artistic vibe and plethora of bars and restaurants.  During my last stay in Lima I somehow ended up quite far from Miraflores, and Brujas de Cachiche, the restaurant which I was trying to book a room near to.  At Imperial Inn I was a convenient three blocks from the place – a happy coincidence, ironically.  A convenient three blocks in the opposite direction lies the waterfront and  El Malecón which flanks it.  El Malecón is a six-mile stretch of parks (starting as Malecón de la Marina in the north, then becoming Malecón Cisneros, and ending as Malecón de la Reserva in the south) situated along the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean.  Parque del Amor is the park on El Malecón which closest to Imperial Inn Hostal, and it is from here that I got my first view of La Rosa Nautica – an amazing and well known seafood restaurant which sits on the water.

Imperial Inn Hostal Other than the location being great, I was quite pleased with my hostel choice.  While the staff spoke little English, we communicated rather well, and they were extremely friendly and attentive, unlocking the gate for me to go out and smoke cigarettes repetitively throughout my stay.  While there is a small outdoor seating area in front, they do not allow smoking inside of it.

The lobby and communal areas at Imperial Inn are small yet vibrant, welcoming communication between guests.  The room that I was in was a bit odd in that the window faced a wall which had been plastered with a photo of a waterfall, at the base of which lay a patch of AstroTurf and some stones.  The base of the window started at about eye level, giving the room a basement apartment feel.  Looking out the window and up I found that this air shaft went all the way up the building, but I appeared to be the only room with the benefit of a “view”.

Imperial Inn Hostal Imperial Inn Hostal

My room was small, but had every necessity; bed, small table and chairs, private bath with running water 24/7, towels and toilet paper, soap, outlets for my electronics, full length mirror, closet (which smelled a bit mildewed, but whatevs), free wi-fi…you know, everything you need.  The bed was hard, and seemed to feel harder every time I laid on it, however at the cost of $64 for all three nights ($21.33/night), with breakfast included (instant coffee and bread with jam), there’s really not much to complain about…I would definitely stay here again.

Imperial Inn Hostal Imperial Inn Hostal

Imperial Inn Map Imperial Inn Hostal

Jr Bolognesi 641, Miraflores
Miraflores, Lima, Peru



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