El Parque del Amor – Lima, Peru

Parque Del Amor One of the many parks flanking El Malecón, Parque del Amor is the park which happened to be a short two block walk from the Imperial Inn Hostal – where I stayed in Lima.

The park is a dedication to love an it’s many forms – romantic love to friendly love (with the former being quite obvious) – and features a sculpture of two lovers in embracing each other with a passionate kiss.  Sculpted by  Victor Delfin, the statue is aptly named “El Beso”.  Below El Beso are the words of poet Antonio Cilloniz, who felt as though cities had previously not build monuments to lovers.

Parque Del Amor (2) Parque Del Amor (9)

Parque del Amor opened in Miraflores on Valentines day of 1993, and has continued to be a favored spot for couples to snuggle close and watch the sun set, surrounded by romantic quotes on a decorative mosaic tiled wall.  It is said that the locals compete for the longest kiss under this statue.

Parque Del Amor (4) Parque Del Amor (3)

It is from this park that I got my first view of La Rosa Nautica – an amazing and well known seafood restaurant which sits on the Pacific Ocean below Parque del Amor.

parque del amor map

El Parque del Amor

Av de la Aviación
El Malecón
Lima, Peru



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