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Anyone who has ever gone hiking or trekking with a DSLR camera knows the annoyance of having a heavy box hanging awkwardly from the neck, trying to find it’s comfy place while a backpack covers your back and shoulders.  It’s like you want to push it to the side, but no matter which way you hang it, the camera is still pulling on you, dooming your neck to pain.

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It is for this reason that I came up with an ingenious way to relieve the issue – by clipping directly to my pack.

Katrina's Custom Camera StrapFirst, let me say that I love the Osprey company.  When I called them with a request to send me clips that match those on my pack (Osprey Farpoint 55), so that I could rig my camera strap to easily connect to either the large pack, or the daypack attachment, they were nothing but helpful – and curious about the finished product, which I promised to send a photo of.

I requested, and received a few days later, a number of spare male and female clips to match those already on my pack.  I then purchased a camera strap which had been made by another company (for the same purpose) that already had clips to detatch the strap from the camera easily.  I then brought both the Osprey clips, and the purchased convertible camera strap to a shoe/belt/watch repair shop in NYC – requesting that he change out the current clips for the Osprey ones.

Now I am able to clip the two ends of the straps attached to the camera directly to my Farpoint 55 (where the daypack is supposed to clip in were I to wear it on my front) – preventing the pulling on the neck completely.

I think it was a brilliant idea – saving my neck, back, and shoulders from the stress of carrying too much in the wrong position, and making the Inca Trail trek (my first trek with the new strap) much more comfortable than it would’ve been otherwise.

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Most backpack companies will send clips and other parts to you free of charge, so take advantage of that and give your own custom DSLR/backpack rig a try.



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Ayngelina August 31, 2012 at 4:10 pm

That’s a great tip, I actually just downgraded to a micro 4/3 camera because my Canon 60D was just too heavy and bulky for travel.


Katrina August 31, 2012 at 6:22 pm is the new camera treating you?


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