Casa de Arena – Huacachina, Peru

Peru - Damany4 001Casa de Arena is one of those hostels that seems like the only place in town that everyone seems to be…or maybe that’s just everyone in party mode, because that was definitely the vibe going on.  If you want to sleep, do not stay here…if you want to party, it’s the perfect location.  All of the other hostels scoped out around Huacachina’s signature oasis seemed to be empty while I was there – and though all seemed to boast a nightly BBQ held at their location, I’m pretty sure the BBQ only happens when there are enough guests to enjoy it – so if you want to enjoy unlimited pisco sours and platters of food you’ll want to be at a hostel that’s decently full.

If Casa de Arena is completely full, Casa de Arena II is just down the street, and claims a much larger bar – open later than that at Casa de Arena I – that continues the party when the in-hostel BBQ has ended.  The great benefit to hostel BBQs is that it gives you a chance to mingle with other travelers and enjoy the company of new people – so I rather like the idea of possibly having one every night.

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The rooms at Casa de Arena vary from one to the next.  The first room I was in had no toilet seat and was a bit grungier than the second, which did have a toilet seat (as well as a closet and more space than the first).  All rooms have tile floors so that sand can be dumped from your shoes and clothes after sandboarding, and easily swept clean.  All doors open to the shared courtyard/lounge area.  Central to that space is the pool and bar where breakfast is served and nightly BBQs held.  Neither breakfast nor the BBQ are included in the cost of your room, but both are about 5 soles (less than $2.00 US).

Peru - Damany6 016 Peru - Damany3 534

Much of the staff does not speak English, but has a knack for getting through the basics with their customers.  They are able to setup activities through Williams Tours for Dune Buggy/Sandboard excursions as well as Ica Vinyard/Pisco tours, and anything else in the area – including Paracas (the poor man’s Galapagos) which is about one hour north by bus.

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Overall I  would say that I enjoyed my experience at Casa de Arena, it’s location and vibe being perfect for the party mode I was in – a mode that by nature Huacachina seems to nurture.

huacachina mapCasa de Arena

Av Perotti S/N
Huacachina, Peru



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