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While I was not tagged to participate in TravelSupermarket’s Capture The Colour blogging contest, I just felt it would be a fun post to work on.   I have always loved color, and as a student of design I decided to approach this task with the guidance of a color book I have always loved to reference; “The Complete Color Directory, A Practical Guide to Using Color in Your Home” by Alice Westgate.  The book is structured in sections for each color – with a descriptive entry explaining the nature of the shade to start.  Each section then gives inspiration for interiors, as well as instructions for using each color in different finishes around the home.  The part of the book that I have always loved however outlines each colors use in feng shui and color therapy.

I have really enjoyed the opportunity to go through my travel photos with color, specifically, in mind – adding a new perspective on each choice.  Quoted here are parts of the above mentioned book which guided me in my choices.


“Blue in Feng Shui

Blue has a natural affinity with water and so shares with this element the potential to be either wonderfully still and calming or freely flowing and liberated.  To followers of feng shui, blue therefore represents both your inner tranquility and your path in life.  If your existence seems stagnant or directionless, then introducing blue in your home..may well help it flow towards fulfillment once again.  The presence of blue in your surroundings also represents your potential for learning and understanding, since the depth of the ocean symbolizes the vast reserves of knowledge and creativity that await you.”

Peru - Kat1 112

Blue is one of the colors that has always captured me in architecture and design – especially on doors.  Photos of doors is kind of a minor obsession of mine, particularly when they are rugged and have a character about them.  This door is one found in Cusco, Peru – it’s intensity and multitude of materials pleases me immensely.  It’s interesting to relate the photo to the selected text above because I’ve always been particularly attracted to blue doors, and associating the color with the words direction, life path, and potential seems a logical subconscious reason for it.


“Green in Feng Shui

As its position at the center of the color spectrum indicates, green has a balancing energy and an inherent sense of harmony.  The practice of fang shui links it to the wood element, so – like trees themselves – green has come to symbolize health, growth, and vitality.  You can enhance these life giving properties by painting an interior green, introducing foliage plants, or using lots of natural materials such as wicker, bamboo, and bare wood.  Choose greens for..anywhere you’d like to be nourished and nurtured.”

April 2012 130

Green is the color that most reminds me of life and nature.  This green wall at Hayseed’s Big City Farm Supply in Brooklyn NY embodies that sense of nature and life – and ironically is an architectural element in a store that sells farming supply – general gardening, beekeeping, chicken keeping, etc.  The toy hens cast a leaf-like shadow on the wall from their rustic perch – mimicking the shapes of nature on the green surface.


“Yellow in Feng Shui

Yellow is vibrant and full of positive energy, so light bright shades on walls will help the life-giving forces to flow and give rise to an overall sense of freshness and vitality.  This color is associated with the earth element and with a sense of unity and wholeness, so it should be introduced to your surroundings if your health needs boosting or your mind needs balancing.

Yellow in a room also promotes a sense of well being and harmony among those who regularly use the space.”

“Yellow in Color Therapy

This color family is also therapeutic in kitchens where it nourishes the digestive system, stimulating, cleansing, and reviving your whole body.”

St Lucia 2011 (296)

There’s something really appealing about yellow walls…probably because of the mind balancing qualities discussed above.  This photo, interestingly enough, was taken at The Body Holiday by Le Sport in St. Lucia – a resort/spa which includes an array of massage and other therapies among their impressive list of health focused activities.  Here, at the beachside deli cheerful little birds plot their next delicious drink of fruit juice.


“White in Feng Shui

White is linked to metal and brings with it qualities of leadership and creativity.  It also stands for purity, and is believed to have strong links with children.  The inherent energy of white, however, is quite low, which means that a room with plain white walls could easily become stagnant.  To alleviate this, place something vibrant or colorful against the backdrop as an alternative focus.”

Domed Church in Santorini

White is another color that immediately makes me think of architecture – particularly Greek architecture – even more particularly Greek churches.  The association of white’s purity and leadership to churches only makes sense really.  This particular domed church on the Island of Santorini is intensified by the suns rays, brightening the whiteness of the structure against the vibrant blue skies which surrounds it.



Red is a color for the brave and bold, for anyone who wants to bring heat, intensity, and passion to their surroundings.  Yet, while lavish swaths of red speak of drama, vitality, and energy, related shades such as soft candy pink and earthy terra-cotta provide gentler variations on the theme, making this color family incredibly versatile – the most powerful in the interior designer’s palette.”

Arequipa - Peru 2012 (149)

Red is a strong and passionate color – a color which represents bold moves and fiery energy.  Here a pile of alpaca yarn, dyed red, sits in the production facilities I was able to tour in Arequipa, Peru through my company – Rare Beautiful Things.  For me the photo represents my passion for carpets and interest in design and material processes, as well as the initial energy that came with the beginnings of our business.

As there is only about one week left for entries, I’m not going to pass the torch – I’m pretty sure everyone I would choose has already been tagged anyway at this point.  If you would like to be tagged, however, don’t hesitate to contact me.



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Michel August 30, 2012 at 3:59 pm

Nice pics. Like the birds looking for drink.


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