The Best Hat I Ever Bought

Funny how those unexpected things turn out to be exactly what you need, right?

Peru - Damany3 351Despite seeing these hats all over the Colca Canyon, it’s not something I would have chosen to pick up and buy – for whatever reason, I was not attracted to them sitting on the tables.  Damany, however, was attracted to them and purchased one.  At some point I put his on my head and decided it was the cutest hat in the world.  I had to buy one for myself-and I wore it everywhere for months upon our return to NYC.

Turns out that everyone responds really well to this hat – I was stopped on the street almost every time I wore it, with questions of where one could be bought.  Of course my first thought after repeatedly being asked this question was, why in the world did we not buy some for Rare Beautiful Things website?

On my return to Arequipa Peru for a business trip, I decided I would stock up on some for RBT.  After scouring all the stores and markets in the city for these handmade treasures, I found only four (two in alpaca, two in wool).   What I realize now is that if I really wanted to stock up on these Colca hats, I would need to return to the Colca Canyon (outside of Arequipa) where they are locally handmade and plentiful.

For now the four pieces purchased in Arequipa can be found in our Worldly Goods section.  Matching handmade alpaca scarves (as seen in the photo) will be found in the same section.



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