4 Tips For Booking All Inclusive Holidays

All inclusive holiday packages offer some of the best deals on the holiday market. In fact, in many cases its better to book an all inclusive holiday.  But how can you really make sure that your summer getaway is the absolute best value for money? There are a few simple tips and tricks you can follow when booking your holiday to ensure you get the best deals available. Here’s how:

1. Book At Specific Times Of The Year

It may be tempting to book your annual holiday once the sun makes its first appearance of the year, but that’s usually the time when holiday companies hike the prices up, for that exact reason. It’s better to book an all inclusive holiday during times of low interest, typically mid-summer or autumn. If you want to take a holiday in the high heat seasons, this means booking your trip either months in advance or very last minute.

2. Reserve A Family Room

If you are a family, or large party, traveling together consider booking your getaway as a group. While transportation costs and all inclusive prices will calculated on a per person basis, accommodation is usually based on room quantity. Many all inclusive holiday apartments include family rooms which are much larger and can comfortably accommodate larger groups. Sharing a room can slash your holiday costs dramatically.

3. Travel During Off-Peak Times

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to sit on your holiday apartment balcony in your winter coat, hat and gloves! You can still enjoy the wonderful summer sun even if you decide to travel outside of more popular peak seasons. The peak season schedule will vary depending on location, but generally July and August are far more expensive due to school holidays. Traveling in June or September will still guarantee you beautiful weather, but without the costly price tag.  I travel every September, and find it the ideal month to do so.

4. Book Extras In Advance

While all inclusive holidays may seem to be just that; all inclusive, there are some aspects that are classed as optional extras, mainly onsite activities and offsite excursions. If you know that you’re definitely going to make use of an extra, such as swimming lessons for the kids, or football academies for the teenagers, booking in advance can be a lot less expensive than booking during your holiday. Just make sure you will definitely make use of the things you pay for so you don’t lose out.



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