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Rome 2012 When in Rome, I’ve always found hotel rooms to be generally overpriced and under serviced.  My general feeling is that if I book a room for over $150 per night, I should have wi-fi that works really well in my room.  My floor should not be popping up.  I should fit n the shower (I mean, come on I’m really small compared to normal people), and the water should stay in the shower with me.  I find this to not be the case in Rome.

So, this time a hostel seemed like the obvious choice.  I mean, at least you know what you’re getting with a hostel, and the price reflects that.  Of course they’re always more expensive in bigger, more popular, cities…but I have yet to feel disappointed or like I’ve been robbed when staying at one.

M & J Hostal was suggested to me by @voyagejason, and I’m oober thankful for that recommendation.  The location is tops – really, RIGHT next to Termini station for easy access to and from the airport (among other places)- making Rome wayyyyy cheaper already since you didn’t start in a cab that cost surplus of 50 Euro.

M & J has free WiFi available in the lounge area, though not inside the rooms.  The vibe in this communal space feels much like a college dorm lounge.  The people at the desk are super friendly, and extremely helpful.  There is a communal kitchen, a big pasta dinner available to guests, and a bar downstairs that offers 50% off to those staying in the hostel – all great additionals that increase the likelihood of making new friends in a place where you may know no one.  The bar also has food, nothing elegant, but it fills your tummy.

There are dorms and private rooms available.  Damany and I stayed in a private room.  It was extremely large, and slightly odd in it’s features.  It took me a minute to figure out how to turn the lights on, though I’m not sure why – I guess they just didn’t work the first time around.  The bathroom in our room was very modern looking – with an almost mechanically cold feel.  The shower was fine, except that there was no lip to keep the water from spilling over onto the floor, creating a need for an extreme amount of towels.

Rome 2012 Rome 2012

The bathroom situation is probably my biggest and only complaint at M & J – which, all things considered, is not so bad.  I would definitely recommend the place to anyone traveling to Rome, with some sort of a budget in mind.

M & J Place Hostel - map M & J Place Hostel

Via Solferino, 9  00185 Rome, Italy
+39 06 446 2802



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