Experience the Full Package in Egypt

If you like your holiday destinations a little out of the ordinary, with stacks of diversity and plenty of new experiences on offer, there’s no place quite like Egypt. It’s a land of contrasts; and as holiday destinations go, it certainly delivers the full package.

Head to the non-stop cities of Cairo and Luxor to discover the buzz and bustle of modern Egyptian life, which is threaded with some of the most awe-inspiring archaeological treasures you will ever see. Visit the incredible Valley of the Kinds, gaze at the soaring Pyramids of Giza, step into the shadow of the Great Sphinx or wander among the enormous pillars and imposing architecture of the Temple of Luxor.

Of course, if you prefer to pick and choose your experiences, you could take a Nile Cruise and enjoy a relaxing holiday on the water, watching the world pass you by as you sail along in blissful relaxation. Step off and join excursions to see the sights, take unforgettable adventures like a hot air balloon ride over the Pyramids, or practice your haggling skills in local markets and bazaars.

But Egyptian holidays aren’t all about cities and ancient history. Choosing Egypt holidays with Thomas Cook, for instance, serves up so much more. Stay in the glorious Red Sea resort of Sharm el Sheikh and discover a new underwater world of rainbow-colored coral reefs and tropical marine life. Or laze on shimmering golden sands under a cloudless blue sky. Or shop ’til you drop in cool, modern shopping malls that are worlds away from the dusty plains and ancient ruins of Egypt’s famous historical sites.

Didn’t we say that this stunning place is a land of contrasts? Why not tick it off your must-see list and discover this incredible place for yourself? One thing’s for sure, it’s a cocktail of experiences that you won’t forget in a hurry…



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