Bodrum Holidays: Travel Tips and Advice

Bodrum holidays – welcome to the cosmopolitan and contemporary region of Turkey. Connecting Europe to Asia, along the south coast of the Bodrum Peninsula, holidaymakers can expect to make modern memories within a country brimming with tradition and culture.

Despite the development of the area, there are still a number of travel tips that can ensure you stay safe and savvy during your Bodrum holidays.


Turkey is predominantly a Muslim country, with over 99 per cent of inhabitants following this religion. Although many of the main tourist areas within Turkey turn a blind eye to holiday attire, it is respectful and appropriate to cover your arms and legs when seeing the religious sights in the country, during your Bodrum holidays.


Turks and local vendors speak Turkish. For your convenience, it is worth buying a phrase book and taking this with you to aid with effective communication during your stay.

Staying Safe

While the popular resorts in Turkey are perfectly safe, it is always wise stay on the safe side. Be wary of approaches from strangers, and be cautious near cash machines. Women should also avoid sitting next to men on public transport when traveling away from tourist areas.


Despite the predominance of Muslim faith within Turkey, many bars and restaurants within Bodrum and other developed tourist regions do serve alcohol. Avoid over-consumption of alcohol, where possible, however Gumbet is accustomed to ‘nights on the tiles’.


Holiday season in Turkey is generally considered to be between May and October. From June to September, the weather on your Bodrum holidays is likely to be breath-taking, reaching highs of up to 40 degrees C. Do ensure you take UVA and UVB protection, as well as sunhats. Avoid midday sun.


The currency in Bodrum is the new Turkish Lira.


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