And Then I Got Trampled In The Bahamas

I’m not really a cruise person…nor am I really a beach person.  I’ll do the resort thing, but it’s not usually on the top of my list.  So, how did I end up in the Bahamas, thrown into the middle of a locals brawl?

Damany had done one of those political phone surveys, which offers a “free” cruise upon completion.  He took the offer.  More on that ordeal later, in another post.  As part of the offer, we were to spend 2 nights on Grand Bahama Island, at the Grand Lucayan Resort.

Now, once you get to the island and realize that it’s pretty much run down, and  seems to be lifeless (minus the church and the people on the hotel grounds), you might consider just sticking close to the resort.  As it turns out, there is a small “market” area built up next to the Grand Lucayan which has items for purchase, restaurants, and bars…and seems to be the only place to really hang out in the area, and in the end of June is respectively filled with a bunch of local high school kids running around because it’s graduation season.

Did I mention that most of these kids are drunk?

Now to the part where I get trampled…

So we are all chillin at the bar in the open square (Rum Runners I think), and I go to the public bathroom for the area.  When I come out I am talking to Damany and two other friends.  I start to hear the kids grouped in front of us yelling, “that’s not what you said in math class, yo”.  Knowing that this is not going anywhere good I say, “we should move”, and start walking.  Quickly.  As I am passing the group, a girl suddenly throws her cup in the air and yells, “Fight”!

How convenient.

Out of nowhere, it is ON.  It’s not just the two kids who were yelling going at it…it’s pretty much everyone in the square…and I’m in just the wrong spot at the wrong time.  I got cornered.  I was trying to head back to the bar, but my path around the group ended with me cornered my right tiek between a wall, a trash can, and the group of fighting high schoolers.  I tried to run a bit quicker, but ended up with two big guys jumping on my calf in the process of trying to hit each other.  I go flying forward,
my foot scrapes the ground, my right tiek (don’t even get me started on that) flies off, and my lil toe nail is hanging to the side.  I jump behind the trash can to save myself and spy my lost shoe (them shit’s are expensive, I was NOT about to lose my tiek), only to see our friend Brian ducked low in the middle of it all ducking punches like a pro.  It only took a few minutes before it was broken up, but it was also the third fight that night.  Rowdy group, those Bahamian kids.

Ultimately, I am fine…just a stiff calf for a few days, a damaged shoe (which I am REALLY sad about because their expensive and I’ve only had them a month), and a blue little toe.  It could have been way worse, I could’ve fallen on my bad knee…so at least there’s that.

But, did I mention that I’m really sad about my right tiek being ruined?




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